Sports Photography Programs.


Sp-2 PortraitEFX is the fastest growing Photography Franchise; and for good reason!  No other Franchise offers as many comprehensive programs for serving Youth League Sports, Scholastic (School) Sports and Action Sports Photography Programs.  If you want to land Sports Photography Accounts, we have what you need!


Next, we offer a unique and organized picture-day experience that your Clients will love.  We start on time, stay on time and our unique technology allows us to maximize our productivity so you earn more money per hour.  With our system and the right preparation and resources we can easily and efficiently photograph 1000 or more Youth League Players in a half-days time. SP-9
We begin with innovative programs to help you land the accounts.  After all, it’s much easier to get business to book with you when you’re offering dynamic programs that no one else has locally.  Our innovative FusionEFX program is CLEARLY SUPERIOR in all respects to the old-fashioned way most photographers service Sports Teams.  We’ve gotten accolades from League Directors, Parents, Players and even Coaches about the speed, efficiency and convenience our program brings to Picture Day!  You’ll use our proven Marketing collateral (sales letters, proposals and pricelists) to promote your business and help define your program.  You’ll learn how to find prospects and the best ways to “pitch” your program.  You don’t have to be a “natural-born” salesperson to get business accounts the PortraitEFX way!
We teach you how to pose the players and light everything professionally so that your work will stand out; from not only the “Shutter Moms” out there but also from other professional photographers who lack our experience and systems in Sports photography.  However, photographing 1,000 Players at a time is just part of the challenge.  Keeping the images organized while tracking the Player’s Team and individual contact and order information adds to the complexity of the project.


PortraitEFX offers automated systems both on-site and in-lab which help gather and track this information from image capture thru order processing; thereby minimizing your back-office time in preparing customer orders for the lab.  The orders will be delivered back to you, sorted, identified and packaged ready for delivery to your Client.  For a distinctive appearance, we print most of our League Sports work on METALLIC-finish Photo paper, the hottest look to hit the market in years! We also offer optional Direct-Home shipping of individual orders; a service which is gaining popularity with many Youth Sports Leagues.  Finally, we offer a robust E-Commerce program for additional product sales thru our secure internet order system.


SP-26 In contrast, Scholastic Sports; those programs for Athletic programs in Middle Schools, Junior Highs and High Schools require a different approach as Parents are not always present to purchase when photos are taken.  PortraitEFX has developed proprietary programs to best serve this market which will increase both Buyer participation and average sales transaction per person. 

Finally, Action Sports Photography is much in demand by Players and Parents, yet many photographers fail to address this market.  At PortraitEFX we’re big believers in harnessing the popularity of Action Photography to not only increase sales revenues, but also to help acquire new business.  We have the experience to help you do this as well as making it a profitable part of your TOTAL-SPORTS PHOTOGRAPHY PROGRAM.