The training that new Franchises receive from PortraitEFX is second to none!  You’ll get practical, no-nonsense hands-on training in the photography, sales, marketing and business management techniques you’ll need to get your business up and running – FAST!


The PortraitEFX “Essentials” Training program starts immediately after you purchase your Franchise; even before your “live” training at our Instructional Center in Dallas, TX.  Here’s an overview of the pre-training program:


  • You’ll start at home by completing a 12-18 hour online camera basics course, complete with photography practice exercises to help you prepare for the intensive “live” training coming later.
  • Additionally, you’ll study almost 14 hours of Video-based content covering our Promotional Plans plus Sales and Marketing Basics.
  • Thru Phone Conferences and / or Webinars we’ll get you started on a market survey of your Franchise territory.  This will help us help you jump-start your marketing plan later on.
  • Our Mentors will be available throughout your pre-training experience to help you with photography questions, equipment advice and image critiques.


This curricula is followed up with an intensive “live” training program conducted at our Instructional Center located in Dallas, TX.  This is a very rigorous program with almost 60 hours of classroom, studio and in-field instruction over six full days.  Class size is kept small to provide more one-to-one attention between Instructor and student.  We don’t teach “theory” but instead provide practical information and real-world experience you can put to work right away.


  • Each day of Training concentrates on one segment of the Professional Photography Market.
  • You’ll get hands-on experience photographing live practice models and groups under expert supervision.  You’ll begin building your portfolio of professional photos the very first day!
  • You’ll receive highly-specialized Software training in image editing and high-speed pre-production workflow.  We’ll also introduce you to our automated image capture software which utilizes a proprietary BARCODE SYSTEM to identify your subjects and link them to purchase data in just a few moments.
  • You’ll learn to harness the internet to promote your business thru your website and e-commerce capability.
  • You’ll learn the “best practices” of the industry in sales, marketing and business development.
  • At the same time you’ll have FUN, meet new people and challenge yourself creatively and professionally.


Even after you return home, your professional photography and business education will continue under the watchful eyes of our experienced Mentors

  • You’ll be encouraged to submit samples of your ongoing work for critique.
  • You’ll have access to hours of recorded Webinar presentations on a wide range of topics to supplement what you’ve learned during the “Essentials” training.
  • You’ll be encouraged to participate in “live” Educational Webinars held from time to time.
  • You’ll have an opportunity to attend Advanced Training Events for specialized promotions and technology; held especially for PortraitEFX Franchises.
  • You’ll be encouraged to join your local and National Professional Photography Associations and take advantage of continuing educational opportunities offered there and at Conventions and Trade Shows.
  • You’ll enjoy attending our annual Franchise Owner’s Conference where you’ll learn all the newest programs and techniques and have also network with your peers.


With PortraitEFX, your education in Photography will be ongoing as there’s always something new to learn!