Childcare Centers and Preschools



DC-a If you enjoy working with young Children, few photography programs provide more satisfaction, creative freedom and financial rewards than by working with Preschools and Childcare Centers.  If this is your area of interest, PortraitEFX offers an outstanding program to help you succeed in this market.
We offer a wide variety of Parent-pleasing promotions that will spark interest from business prospects in your area.  We offer a number of EXCLUSIVE & PROPRIETARY programs that utilize advanced digital technology to create truly one-of-a-kind looks that Parents will love.  We offer themes appropriate for both Fall and Spring Seasons as well as the option for Outdoor Portraits.  In fact, no other photography company offers more program variety for their Customers than PortraitEFX.  In addition to the traditional Fall and Spring programs, we offer other promotions for Special Events; including Preschool Graduation, Family Portrait Night, Grandparent’s Day, Santa & Easter Bunny Photos and Holiday-theme backgrounds. DC-m
DC-d Your “live” training at our Corporate Center will provide all the technical skills you’ll need to photograph Childcare Centers and Preschools.  You’ll gain proficiency in setting up your mobile studio, metering your lights, calibrating for color balance, and taking excellent portraits that are properly composed, lit and posed; just as professional photographs should be.  During our initial training program, you will also get the opportunity to personally photograph young children as “models” under the supervision of our Training staff.
These images will help you begin your portfolio and can be displayed on your new website.  Once you’re back home from our extensive Training program, our Marketing ToolKit contains all the elements you’ll need for your promotional campaign.  Most of these are produced in Microsoft Word and Excel software templates making them easy to personalize with your Franchise information.  Our comprehensive written proposals are highly professional and will get you noticed.  We also provide personalized pricing assistance to address regional or competitive issues.  We’ll guide you each step of the way. DC-n
Servicing these accounts are largely done in the early-morning.  Typically you’ll begin photographing around 8AM, and will finish for the day around noon.  Some Schools / Centers are photographed in a single day, while larger locations might be photographed over multiple days.  Revenue is collected thru multiple sales channels.  We offer On-Line Sales thru our safe and secure E-Commerce portal, as well as Proof, Pre-Pay and Speculation-based programs.
Only PortraitEFX offers you all these choices as each has its’ own advantages based on individual markets.  Orders are placed with our Lab(s) for timely production using our proprietary software programs which can save you hours of image preparation time.  Finished portraits are delivered back to the School / Center for distribution.  Direct-home shipping of orders is also available.  With the full range of services available thru PortraitEFX, you could be securing accounts and booking contracts in no time!