Are you currently working full or part-time in Professional Photography?


How’s your current photography business doing? Are your sales up? Do you have more business booked this year than last, or are things a bit slow?


With all the challenges facing independent photographers today – more competition and a decline of usually reliable markets (Studio Portraits of Families & Children, Weddings, High School Seniors, etc) you might worry about what the future holds. We certainly understand how you feel and we may be able to help.


We talk to photographers every day – people all across the country that need help in growing their business. Some of these folks are already successful photographers with a good business, but just can’t seem to grow their business as fast as they would like. Some businesses have reached a sales plateau and can’t seem to get to the next level. Other calls are from people who have a passion for Photography but are really struggling to make a good living doing it.


If the current economy has affected your business, maybe it’s time to look at the side of the business that’s fairly recession-proof. I’m referring to mass-market, “volume” photography for Schools, Sports, Daycare Centers, Church Directories and other programs.


Why is that? Parents will continue to purchase photographs of their children and family; but they’ll buy them in conjunction with activities and interest groups they are involved in. Best of all, they often buy portraits seasonally – two or three times a year. And considering you can often photograph these “volume” sessions in anywhere from 30 seconds to two minutes, there’s excellent money in it!


The bad news is that getting into this business isn’t easy if you don’t know the industry secrets. There are special requirements, sales strategies and tactics, “rebates” to sponsors and high-speed photography and production techniques needed. Plus, if you want to beat the national competitors like Lifetouch, Inter-State, Prestige and others, you really need to know what to offer to get and keep the business. It can be very difficult, time-consuming and frustrating trying to do it yourself when you lack the “insider” information about these promotions.


This is why, a little over seven years ago, with the assistance of a “dream team” of photography professionals we founded a new Photography Franchise concept we call PortraitEFX. We founded our business on the principal that it’s difficult today (and very often risky) to operate a Photography business without a competitive edge; innovative sales models, promotions and marketing providing year-round sales revenues. That’s why we organized PortraitEFX to provide more opportunities to the professional photographer – period!


Our emphasis is on helping you improve your cash flow with location-based Event Photography and volume-based Portraiture programs. These include photography of Youth Sports, Schools, Daycares and Pre-Schools, Contract High School Seniors, Church Directories, Family Portrait Fundraisers, Special Events and much more! And because these are location-based photography opportunities which do not require a retail studio base, your operational overhead expense is a fraction of what it would be with a Studio.


Thanks to photographers who share our vision, we have been blessed with rapid growth. PortraitEFX Membership currently boasts a number of highly-experienced PPA Degreed Photographers who have been in business for a long time, but joined us to help grow their business and take it to the next level. They appreciate the opportunity provided by PortraitEFX to earn excellent year-round cash flow without the seasonality of traditional studio marketing.


We are rapidly approaching almost 75 locations across the U.S. and Canada, now making us the fastest growing Photography Franchise in North America. We have also been rated as one of the Top 500 franchises in the USA by Entrepreneur Magazine. Our goal is to have business operations in all 50 U.S. States and every Canadian Province in less than five years. That’s why we’re inviting you to find out more about this opportunity – while there’s still time before all the exclusive Franchise territories are sold out.


Now, we know you’re thinking, why join a Franchise Organization? After all, many others have built their business from the ground up. Why shouldn’t you?


Sure, you certainly can go it alone, but why? Has being on your own taken you as far as you want? Or have you struggled with “trial and error” business planning and development? We’re convinced that with the right training and mentoring, innovative products that beat the competition, marketing strategies and one-to-one support you can fast-track your growth in new business areas. We want to help you do it!


Afraid to go after the “volume” markets because it might “contaminate” your high-end customer base? This is another good reason to consider PortraitEFX. Co-brand, or alternately brand your Event Photography Division with our name. This creates a line of distinction between the degree of service you provide your high-end client base, and discounted volume customer base. For you, this may be a great way to grow into new markets without jeopardizing your reputation as a high-end, high-quality (and high-priced) local studio.


Feel like you don’t have the resources to go after the volume markets? We can show you how to recruit, hire, train and supervise additional Staff – Part-Time, Contract and Seasonal hires to help with Sales and Marketing, Photography and Operations. Plus, we offer great Franchise Support to help you go after those big contracts – help with specialized equipment, software, workflow, personnel and much more to let you take on the National Competitors – head on! We will give you that advantage and show you how to compete and win contracts against even the largest organizations out there, like Lifetouch, Inter-State Studio and other large regional competitors.


Here’s an added benefit… Want to grow the value of your business at time of retirement? Adding significant volume-based photography promotions (Schools, Sports, etc) can dramatically increase the asset value of your business when it’s time to sell in order to fund a comfortable retirement.


If you’d like to make this next year your best business year yet, why not join us! Let us share why an affordable PortraitEFX Franchise might be right for you.


If you’re interested in joining us but feel the investment required may be out of reach to join us, talk to us anyway. We may be able to help with creative financing, credit card payments, special promotions or referral to preferred funding resources. Plus, as you probably already have most or all of the equipment you’ll need, additional investment for equipment might be minimal. If you have the drive and desire to be more successful, we want to help in any way we can.


YES! You certainly can take your business to the next level – Become a part of the PortraitEFX Franchise Network!