Our Technology, Research and Development.


Key to your success in handling BIG photography Clients and Events is the technology you use to manage the business, capture the images, process the images in preparation for printing, transmit the images to the photofinishing lab and handle any subsequent Customer Service associated with the order.  You must be able to do all this quickly, efficiently and accurately, as every customer’s order can be different.  PortraitEFX has you covered with all the software, technology and tools you’ll need to operate a high-volume photography business with a minimum of production work required.
Our goal is to help you automate as much of the image identification and order process as possible.  This will allow you more time to be engaged in MANAGING and GROWING your business; not spending the majority of your time in front of a computer doing editing and photoshop work.  Plus, we offer in-house Production services for our more complex digital products; saving you even more time in the process. T-2 (2)
PortraitEFX’ proprietary BusinessTrax software will allow you to track and execute many of your Sales, Marketing and Contact Management needs right from one Dashboard.  It helps automate many of the functions associated with Client Management.ProMatch is our high-volume image capture and production software suite for School Photography and Events.  This ultra-efficient system utilizes portable, untethered BARCODE SCANNERS to link Customer images and photo order data in just a few seconds.  With this application you can easily process 500 orders or more per hour, without ever opening Photoshop.
PortraitEFX’ Producer software is an easy-to-use application for fulfilling smaller orders associated with Customer Service needs and requests.  ImageMatch is a PhotoLynx Software product we use internally to create specialized products required for School Photography Programs.  We handle these important tasks for you, so you don’t have to. T-14
FotoFusion is the software we use for Yearbook, Event Book and PhotoBook creation.  The automated functions of this software allow you to create a great-looking publication in hours, not days or weeks.
In addition to these highly-specialized software packages, we also have a number of individual apps that will help you expedite your order processing.  We also offer an integrated E-Commerce / Online Proofing storefront that’s state-of-the art, and a branded, professionally managed website that you can use to show off your work and get yourself noticed.
Research and Development is a very important part of our program.  We are constantly looking for innovative new concepts to develop allowing you a distinct advantage in beating out competition.  We offer a variety of proprietary products and services that are simply NOT AVAILABLE ANYWHERE ELSE.  Using our programs provides a competitive advantage in new business acquisition.  Be the Leader, not the follower! T-15b After