School Portrait Photography

Did you also know that some of the wealthiest photographers in America are those that run School photography businesses?  Did you know that School Photography businesses appreciate in value faster than other photo enterprises and are readily marketable, at top dollar, when it’s time to retire or sell your business?  It’s true, and PortraitEFX has the fast-track programs to help you get started in this lucrative business. Sc-7
Clearly, School Photography is our PASSION at PortraitEFX.   More than any other Franchise, our Management / Mentors have the depth of experience to help you take on the “National” competition – and WIN!  Whether you want to start with a small private school, a rural or suburban Elementary school, or even take on an entire district-wide bid / RFP, we have the know-how to help you do it.We start by teaching you the inside “secrets” of the School Photography business; what schools expect from their Photographer; including Service Products, PSPA Yearbook CD’s, Photo ID Cards and more.  You’ll learn how to reach the “Decision Makers” for School Contracts, how to negotiate the deal and how to handle the practice of providing “Rebates” back to schools for their Fundraising purposes.
We teach you how to execute a flawless School Picture day.  You’ll learn how to photograph a student every 39 seconds, with great technical quality and Parent-pleasing attention to all the little details that make an outstanding school portrait.  We truly want each students’ photo day experience to be an exceptional one! sc-8 (2)
SC-12 You’ll learn all the specialized workflow techniques and technologies needed to compete for this business.  You’ll learn how to keep every person properly identified using proprietary barcode systems and specialized software.  You’ll have access to digital “Green Screen” and “Virtual Background” techniques to offer your Customers almost unlimited background choices.  Plus, you’ll stay on top of innovation within the business thru our network of industry “insiders” who learn what’s new, and pass it on to you!
Your Customer orders will be processed by one of our Affiliate Photo Labs; each with a commitment to quality, value and service that will help you keep repeat business contracts – year after year.  We provide many options for your processing workflow; from doing it manually to a totally hands-off program where our Labs do most of the work.  That’s up to you depending on how “hands-on” or “hands-off” you want to be with your production work.
Sc-6 Plus, as most Schools do Photography in two seasons, we’ll teach you how to offer both a Traditional program in the Fall Season, and a Casual Portrait Program in the Spring Season.  We’ll also show you how to use Classroom Group Photos, Composites and Yearbooks and other special events to provide additional profits to you.  School Photography can (and should) be the “cornerstone” of your Photography Business. PortraitEFX and its’ Management Team and Mentors have the most experience to help you succeed in this Market.  Let us help you get started in this lucrative business.