School Photography for Grades K-11

PortraitEFX is your better alternative to the “staus quo” photography companies.  We offer a fresh new approach to handling your School Portrait needs; professionally and efficiently.


Portrait EFX is a business photography franchise that helps photographers start a photography. Portrait EFX is a business photography franchise that helps photographers start a photography. Portrait EFX is a business photography franchise that helps photographers start a photography.



We understand that our first obligation as your Portrait Provider is to service the needs of your School.   That’s why we can offer all the service products you’ve come to expect:



School Photos
  • Service Strips, fully identified and sorted for easy distribution.
  • Photo CD’s compliant with District Administrative Software.
  • Photo CD’s designed for use with Yearbook layout programs.
  • School ID Cards and Security Badges
  • Missing Child Safe-T-Cards   
  • Student Database Software supporting specified PDA devices.
  • All-School Composite Group Photos for Lobby display
  • Economical Yearbook Publishing Services.



We also understand that, for many Schools rebates from Portrait Sales are a significant form of Fundraising annually.  That’s why we offer Schools the opportunity to choose their own rebate level to meet their needs.  None of the “national” companies offer this program.  It provides the flexibility to price some packages at a discount to meet the needs of low-income families, while allowing your school to earn HIGHER REBATES on other packages.  Your School can earn higher rebates from Portrait Fundraising.  Let us show you how!



School Photos Parents are concerned about the escalating cost of School Photos, while the Packages seem to get smaller and smaller.  PortraitEFX can reverse that trend by offering Parents more value for the money.  Our “America’s Best Value” Program represents the #1 Parent-Pleasing offer in America today.  Check it out!  In some schools, Parents say they distrust the traditional “Pre-Pay” method of photography where you pay your money and take your chances.  PortraitEFX offers a variety of programs that allow Parents to preview their images before making a purchase.  This often results in higher photo sales (and more commission to the School) as well as more satisfied Parents.


Parents want their School Portraits to look great!  They want great smiles and attention to the little details that make a portrait truly professional-looking.  PortraitEFX personnel receive special training in the “Best Practices” of School Photography.  We take great pride in having one of the lowest retake percentages in the business.  We want to keep your Parents happy.



School Photos Prefer the digital side of life? No problem.  Many of our programs offer a PortraitEFX Recollections CD.  It contains your child’s photo image (1 pose) in all of the most popular formats as well as some creative finishes.  You receive full copyright release with this CD so upload or print as you wish.



School Photos School Photos School Photos Parents appreciate background variety.  PortraitEFX offers Parents up to 12 digital background selections.  We have something to fit everyone’s tastes.  Of course, we can provide a uniform traditional background on all student images for use in School Records and in the yearbook at no additional cost.


School Photos All PortraitEFX Personnel have been background checked for the safety and security of Students.  Our photographers have also received special instruction in the techniques of working with students with Special Needs.


School Photos School Photos School Photos


Let PortraitEFX show you just how good School Photography can be.  Please call soon to arrange a short introduction meeting at your convenience.  Even if you think you’re “locked” into a contract with those big national companies, let’s talk.   You may not be locked-in after all.


School Photos