Portraits & Weddings

PW-3 Portraiture from PortraitEFX!Our name says it all!  If you enjoy photographing people; one-to-one or in small groups or as a part of an event – such as photographing Weddings – we can help you develop your portraiture business to supplement our CORE-4 volume programs.  Some of these portraiture opportunities include:

Portraits & Weddings

  • Family and Children’s Portraits
  • High School Senior / Graduation Portraits
  • Business Portraits done at the work location.
  • Weddings, (Pre) Bridal & Engagement Portraits*
  • Portrait Parties sponsored by Family and Friends
  • Anniversary and Birthday Parties.
  • Family Reunions
Portrait Programs provide not only a great place to practice and develop your photography skills, but also provide opportunities for incremental income while you are developing your volume business and for filling the gaps in cash flow throughout your photography career.  The training you will receive from PortraitEFX will provide the basics of the skills you need to get started.  Beginning with on-line training before you attend our live program, followed up with our six-day “Essentials” LIVE training at our Corporate Center you will get experience learning camera handling, portrait posing and lighting.


By photographing LIVE models during training you’ll learn to work with your subjects and make them feel as ease; all while working with experienced Mentors who will be at your side while you work.  We want you to leave training with actual Portfolio samples of portraiture you’ve done of Children, Adults, Couples and Families. You’ll take pride in how “professional” your photography will become in only six, learning-packed days!  Once you get home, we’ll work with you to implement promotions to put your portraiture skills to work.  Our marketing resources will help you identify and reach target markets.  Then it’s time to practice, practice, practice to fine-tune your skills.  You’ll be encouraged to submit images for evaluation and critique on a regular basis to reinforce the good skills and remediate those you need help with.


However, let’s be clear here that Portraiture & Wedding business opportunities with us are only intended to supplement your volume-based photography business, and to provide you with a profitable outlet for your creative side.  We all know that the BIG money in Photography comes from doing volume-based Promotions for Schools, Childcare Centers and Preschools, Youth Sports Leagues and Family Directories.  These are our CORE-4 programs, and the bulk of your training and our marketing program is designed to help you go after these more lucrative opportunities.


Wedding Photography from PortraitEFX.  PortraitEFX offers a very unique Wedding Photography marketing program designed to target small to medium-size Weddings.  We offer limited-coverage packages for small Weddings starting at only $695.  For other Weddings we can offer up to four hours of total coverage at equally great value.  Our target wedding sales average is between $1500 and $3000.  Plus, with PortraitEFX we always offer Brides the option to purchase ALL their Digital Images with a complete copyright release so they can have them reproduced anywhere you want; even at home!


We intentionally avoid large wedding affairs because we do not believe that they provide profit margins commensurate with the amount time, equipment and additional manpower resources required to fully support them.  Large Weddings can also be very time-consuming and extremely stressful for both the photographer and all involved.
This is why our emphasis is to limit your time commitment for each assignment and maximize your profit per hour spent on each project.  This allows you to limit your time spent away from Family on weekends and minimize the amount of time you might have to spend on pre-production computer work prior to sending the work for production.  Please note that the ability to do great Wedding Photography is not something you can learn overnight.  First, you have to have a thorough understanding of all the camera and lighting basics.  This must become so second-nature to you that you will react to rapidly changing lighting conditions and environment.  Next, there are a great many poses to learn, as well as specialized techniques to master in working with Brides and Grooms, Mothers of Brides, Bridal Parties and Families on what should be a totally happy day, but which is often stressful for those involved.  The fact is that “people skills” are often as important as photography skills to be successful as a wedding photographer. PW-28
To this end, PortraitEFX offers a special Advanced Training Program for Franchises who wish to pursue the Wedding Photography Market.  This training is REQUIRED to be certified as a PortraitEFX Wedding Photographer, unless you have prior experience and can demonstrate competence in this type of work.  Neither you, nor PortraitEFX can afford the chance of mistakes when dealing with a once-in-a-lifetime event, such as a wedding, so we must be sure you are competent to handle it professionally.  Currently, this three day program is offered only one time per year, dates to be announced, and there is an additional fee required to attend. Alternately, you can pay to have a Trainer come to you and Mentor you, on-site in covering your first Wedding.  Without this training, or without prior experience and our approval we cannot allow you to put yourself or our Brand at risk by operating a Wedding Photography Business under the PortraitEFX banner.
Please note that each PortraitEFX Franchise may, at its’ option, elect to opt-in/out of offering Portraiture or Weddings, or any of our specific promotions in the CORE-4 lineup based on your own individual interests, skills or resources.  This flexibility of programming is unique to PortraitEFX Franchises and something we think you’ll appreciate. PW-24