Member Gallery

PortraitEFX Members have access to a vast variety of programs to make money in Photography.  In fact, our YEAR-ROUND Marketing concept provides more variety in on-going, CORE-FOUR programs, but also in promotions for seasonal and special Events.


In addition to these programs, PortraitEFX Members are encouraged to further develop their craft thru attendance and participation in professional photography Workshops and Contests at the local, regional and national level.  The sample images provided here give you some idea about the diversity of interests our Members have.


Our Training also provides a foundation to optionally pursue other types of photography, including portraiture of Babies, Children, Families and High School Seniors, as well as Wedding, Commercial and Travel Photography.  We like to say that mastery of our Core Programs provide the time and money you need to make a good living, while at the same time, provide time and resources to do other types of photography in your spare time that you really LOVE to do, but are not necessarily financially rewarding to the degree our CORE-FOUR Programs are.