Family Directory Programs

Ask most Families where they had their last professional Family portrait taken and they will tell you it was in conjunction with a Membership Directory program at their Church, NOT at a photo studio.  Family photo programs and resources from PortraitEFX can help you provide locally-based, profitable and much-needed photographic service where there’s often little competition.  Become the local provider of choice for Family Portrait Directory services for Churches, Synagogues, Country Clubs, Gated Communities and Homeowner’s Associations in your local and regional area.


Dir-2 Think about it!  How many Churches or Synagogues are there in your local Market?  How about Country Clubs?  Most of these currently use out-of-town photography companies to do their Directories for them, but many of these would prefer dealing locally – if they had a choice!  That’s where the Directory Program from PortraitEFX comes in.  We’ve developed an innovative program that will appeal to local Churches and Clubs.  Our program is clearly a WIN – WIN for both the Sponsor and Photographer, and will get lots of Families in front of your Camera.  Family portrait sessions traditionally have a good sell-thru rate and are very profitable.  Most of this type of work is done on location, so there’s no retail studio required.  Best of all, Directory programs can be photographed anytime during the year; making it the perfect year-round promotion.  Plus, as much of the work is done on Weekday evenings – NOT weekends – there’s little conflict with other types of weekend assignments you might have.
The PortraitEFX program will teach you everything you need to get started!  Get “insider” information about the HUGE directory industry – what clients expect, how to negotiate the best deal, and how to beat the “national” competitors.  You’ll learn how to prospect for and get Clients to book with you.  Materials we’ll provide will help the Clients to dress appropriately for their portraits and help increase sales and Customer Satisfaction.  Resources we provide will also teach you how to advertise and promote the Family Portrait Sessions, how to get others to schedule the appointments, manage the photography sessions and even how to recruit contract help to assist with on-site photography or Portrait Sales.  We’ll teach you about specialized equipment and software needs as well as high-volume workflow options allowing you to spend less time behind the computer preparing work for the lab, and more time with your Family.  Finally, we’ll share how our automated software will make publishing your Directories fast and easy. Dir-3
Dir-4 An additional “perk” of this market is the introduction it provides to other programs sponsored by the Church or Club.  This can include the opportunity to compete for their other photography business doing their Childcare Center, Private or Parochial School, Sports League or Family Portrait Fundraising Program.  When they see how professional you are with their Directory program, it’s not difficult to get them to commit these other business opportunities to you.  Directory programs represent one of the most recession-resistant promotions in all of Photography.  PortraitEFX can help you get your share of this profitable market.