Corporate Support

When it comes to System support, PortraitEFX is second to none. From telephone consultations and web based seminars, to workshops and on-site support, we go that extra mile for you.

  • Effective, easy-to-master Sales and Marketing Tactics.
  • Pre-Written Advertising Materials including Sales Letters, Direct Mail and Email Marketing Templates, Telemarketing and Prospecting Scripts.
  • Pre-Written Proposals, Pricelists and Sales Strategies.
  • Company-Branded Website with state-of-the-art E-Commerce capability including online proofing and Credit Card Processing.
  • Participation in Company-Initiated Marketing Campaigns.
  • HUGE Library of Sample Images and Products to build your Sales Portfolio
  • A multitude of Photography business forms, templates, and Management Tools to help you run your business.
  • Corporate Support in submission of BIG ACCOUNT Bids and RFPs; including District-Wide School Portrait Contracts, Senior Portrait Contracts and Event Sponsors with Multi-Venue locations.  This includes helping you find temporary or seasonal Staff or Contractors necessary to professionally execute services.
  • Support with Human Resource Needs.  We can help you find, recruit and train additional Staff needed as your business grows.
  • Business Lead-Development thru participation in Conferences and Conventions of Affinity Groups.
  • Advanced Training available as your business expands.


Don’t take our word for this; just look at what some of our current franchisees have to say:


“We purchased our franchise in August 2012.  I had been in multi-unit retail management for almost 18 years and was tired of working 70+ hours a week for someone else.  We decided to purchase the franchise to have a better quality of life.  We have never looked back!  The training from industry experts such as Chris Wunder & Marion Hughes was second to none.  They train you on proven methods and are there for you each step of the way once you start.  They are always there to support you and assist any way possible.  All of the corporate staff has been great to learn from and assist on everything including technical, operational, marketing, etc… I would definitely recommend Portraitefx to anybody that wants an opportunity to own their own business, but have the support and training of the Franchise Corp.  The quality of life this opportunity has given us is tremendous.  I look forward to growing my business even more!”

           (A.G. / Texas)


“PortraitEFX introduced me to a whole other world, of which I hardly knew one thing about; as a parent, I have bought 16 years worth of day cares, preschools, schools, sports and many other portraits and photos of my kids, from different photography companies.

You see, I thought I knew a lot because I have been a photographer for a long time, but I was really surprised of how little I knew about the business of School Photography, for instance.


I could shoot a fine headshot, but how to photograph 1,200 kids, with the same high quality and precise proportions, and be done by 11:00 AM, then sort them and choose the best 2 of each, so you can then sell them to the families one by one, through automated online service systems…  And photo packages pricing, and offers, photo labs, legal issues…  But wait! First you have to obtain the contract from the school, to do their Photo Day for that year; no small responsibility…  How do you do that? What’s the marketing behind that, the technology and the business case.  I had no clue, and just trying to figure it out was quite scary.


I began to learn all of this even before I bought my own PortraitEFX  franchise, while in the due diligence process, but the real roller coaster started since day one, at the new owners training camp.  It has been a journey of discovery; and one very nice of those discoveries was crunching the numbers to project how much I can earn by doing that school photo day, once I knew there was a way to do it, and who could make that happen for me: PortraitEFX


The simple facts:

  • Everything that was offered to me, has happened.
  • What they’ve provided has always proved to be valuable
  • I haven’t had any reason or situation where I could have felt tricked in any way.
  • I’ve always had the immediate attention of any of the corporate executives to help me in any way I’ve required
  • With PortraitEFX I have a brand, I have technology, I have very competitive and industry leading products and services, I have the marketing, the technique, the know how; and beyond that, I have the expertise and the experience of decades in the business: the executives at PortraitEFX Corporate
  • I never found a fairer franchise deal than the one PortraitEFX offers, and I looked and analyzed more than 12 different franchising companies offers, of all kinds, before finding PortraitEFX .
  • I also learned that a photographer, is only one more player in the team, and that you don’t even need to be one when you are a franchise owner; you can hire one.  This is a business.

           (A.M. / Vancouver, Canada)



“I am an owner of a PortraitEfx franchise and I am extremely happy with my decision.  The quality of training and the level of support is exceptional!  They help us with every aspect of the business and are always there for our questions.  I would recommend this franchise to anyone interested in a photography business.  They will allow you to tailor the business to your own interests and help you achieve your goals.  PortraitEfx is the #1 photography franchise!!”

           (G. C. / VA.)